Why am I getting this type of window?

Occasionally, you may get a window that appears like this. This is called a Captcha and is used by Google to confirm that you are not a robot. The reason it’s triggered is that some queries are complex and complex queries are used by spam bots. Also, if you make several queries in a very short time span this too may trigger a captcha.

Simply enter the characters in the image, click submit and the application will continue to work as normal.

Please note – it usually takes around 4/5 attempts to clear when checking competition.

KeywordXP checks competition using the intitle: and inurl: Google command. If this is run too often – Google will display a captcha. It’s best to only check competition levels for small subsets of words no more that 10 at a time and ‘rest’ in between as this decreases the occurrences of captchas.

Never ignore the captcha. Always complete them so that Google knows your machine is not an automated tool.


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