Helpful Tips in Case of Installation Failure

1. Make sure that the installer is not blocked by a firewall or other security application (i.e. antivirus). The installer needs
to connect to the internet to perform a security validation (the digital signature validation) prior to installation.

2. Make sure to run the installer from a local directory/folder. Do not run it from a USB drive, network
drive, or network share. To be sure save the installer on your desktop.

3. If you are running an older version uninstall it and then retry installing the new one. However, this time try selecting a different location when the
installer prompts with the default location.

4. Try uninstalling the application, then uninstalling Adobe Air and then re-install Adobe Air and the application.

5. If you are using Windows then you may encounter a problem with the registry. Simply uninstall the application and Adobe Air
and run this Microsoft application Then re-install KeywordXP and Adobe Air.

If none of these tips help to correct your issue then put in a support ticket for further assistance using the link below.


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